About me

I was born with hungry eyes. Hungry for colors, shapes and textures. Never resting on the same view for long, always looking for the novel, the next, the extraordinary. Obsessed with identifying everything around me, be it an animal, a person or an object, I have always been ‘looking at’. Passionate about nature, curious about people and inspired by beauty and aesthetics, I constantly try to capture our planet’s ever changing facets, fascinated by the constant rhythm of change. My camera has always been my investigative hungry eye, connected directly with my thoughts and feelings; a time capsule for exploring life’s beautiful shores, wind swept peaks and hidden treasures.

More about me…

I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1969. It is a city I love, although I have lived in several places around the country, including Athens where I grew up. I studied medicine at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and now work as a dermatologist. The natural world has always fascinated me and I am particularly fond of the avian world and the sea. As an amateur ornithologist I traveled extensively throughout Greece coming to appreciate the country’s beautiful and fragile ecosystems. Equally enthusiastic as a scuba diver, I was lucky enough to travel around the globe and become familiar with the awesome oceanic realm. Living through the 80’s, the 90’s and the 00’s I witnessed several historic changes in the world structure. Be it the ‘scientific revolution’, the end of the Cold War, the triumph of western capitalism, the globalization of travel or even the internet, I am always amazed by the profound changes caused by the interaction between humans and nature. And I can never ignore the strong influence that the environment has on our psychology, starting from the way we live in our homes, the way we dress, our daily rituals and reaching deeper layers of our core.

All these and perhaps more will be the focus of my journey through space and time, hopefully starting conversations, giving and receiving inspiration and feeding your hungry eyes as well as mine!