Etosha is a national park in northwestern Namibia, getting its name from the large Etosha salt pan. Etosha, meaning “great white place”, provides a dramatic backdrop as a home to hundreds of animal species including threatened wildlife like the Black Rhinoceros. They have to cope with climatic extremes, as  the savannah desert climate of the region brings minimal rainfall and pushes  large numbers of animals around waterholes, both natural and manmade. The vast bare, white landscape and the dust carried by the wind casts a surreal atmosphere and highlights its inhabitants in a unique colour.

  • Place Etosha
  • Country Namibia
  • Continent Africa
  • When August 2016
Lions Etosha
Lions pass indifferently by watchful Blue Wildebeest.
The Springbok is the only gazelle occurring in southern Africa. This is a ram, recognised by the ridged, lyre-shaped horns.
The Giraffe is the world's tallest mammal.
The African Elephant is an extraordinary animal in every aspect, never failing to impress.
With the attractive striped pattern and its distinctive barking call the Plains Zebra is one of Africa's most iconic animals.
A solitary female Leopard resting perfectly camouflaged.
The male Common Warthog has two pairs of warts on its face.
A male Ostrich, the largest living bird species.
With fewer than 3000 animals remaining in the wild, the Black (or hooked-lipped) Rhinoceros is critically endangered.
A Yellow Mongoose, a common small predator living in colonies in burrows.