Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat archipelago, off northwestern New Guinea island (present Indonesian West Papua) , is part of the “Coral Triangle” (the seas between Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines) and a prime biodiversity hotspot of global importance. Located strategically between the Pacific and Indian oceans and constantly swept by powerful oceanic currents, it is a natural source for larval dispersal of the world’s most precious coral population. Over 500 coral, 1500 fish and 700 mollusk species make the area a true Noah’s Ark for marine life and a protection area of global scale. Endangered by global warming causing coral bleaching, tourism flows that constantly grow and ecosystem imbalances like the proliferation of crown-of thorns starfish that voraciously eat Raja Ampat’s corals, the area can be best appreciated by livaboards diving the innumerous reefs and visiting the pristine jungle on the islands, home of many endemic bird and insect species.

  • Place Raja Ampat
  • Country Indonesia
  • Continent Asia
  • When March 2019
Red whip corals
Red whip corals elegantly sway in the current.
Clown Anemonefish
A Clown Anemonefish gazes at us protected by the stinging tentacles of its host Anemone, a symbiotic relationship beneficial for both.
bubble tip anemone
A variety of shapes and forms create magical images, like this bubble tip anemone.
red sea fan coral
A red sea fan coral beams with bright color in the deep blue.
fans or gorgonias
Giant sea fans or gorgonias, a form of soft coral , are oriented across the current to maximize water flow through them and facilitate filter feeding.
feeding arms of a crinoi
The feeding arms of a crinoid resemble feathers and spread out to gather plankton from the water.
clouds of smaller reef fish
A Blue-spotted grouper casts a red splash of color amidst clouds of smaller reef fish.
school of fusiliers
Swimming among a dense school of fusiliers is a magical experience.
yellow lined Sweetlips
An approachable school of yellow-lined Sweetlips rests atop lettuce corals.
shimmering school of Trevallies
The shimmering school of Trevallies sways like a silver cloud in the blue.