Iceland’s natural beauty and stunning landscapes leave a permanent mark on every visitor’s heart.Set foot on the island and you are immersed in a place where myths come alive. Be it the raw power of the earth, felt in amazing geothermal areas , the cleansing action of countless waterfalls and freshwater streams or the magical light of the midnight sun that illuminates the nordic summer night, this is a place for nature lovers, geologists and artists. Together with its warm and helpful inhabitants, Iceland makes for an unforgettable experience .

  • Place Iceland
  • Continent Europe
  • When July 2017
Expansive lupin fields fill the landscape with bright colour
Lonely road
The lonely road leading to the central part of the island
The Skaftafell natural park in the southeast
Black beach
The black beaches of Dyrholaey in the south
Dettifoss is Europe's largest waterfall by volume
Hverfell crater
The stunning view atop the rim of the Hverfell explosion crater
Solfatares, boiling mud pools in the Krafla geothermal area
The Dynjandi, the most picturesque waterfall of Iceland
Midnight sun
The midnight sun transforms the northern night with its magical light
Magical Westfjords
The West Fjords is one of Iceland's wildest regions
The Puffin is the iconic bird of the North Atlantic
The pastoral beauty of Snaefellsnes peninsula
Natural baths are among favourite local pastimes